Why Choose IClix NC

IClix is the only internet provider that is 100% Kimberley owned and based company.


  • We’ve go a fast fiber internet feed
  • We have our own infrastructure, and we don’t have to rely on other service providers.
  • When you get internet, the line at your home or business is totally dedicated. You do not share data on a tower or neighbourhood hub with any other large ISP’s
  • Infrastructure can handle load shedding
  • Every client has his own log in detail to view his usage.
  • We have our own mail server to get better support on mail hosting.

  • During business hours our remote support to our own clients is free of charge

  • We got after hours support till 22:00 PM and over weekends

  • Fibre will easily handle video and game streaming, downloads and more from multiple devices.

  • We have our own Cloud PABX

Firebase Internet

Cloud Storage for Firebase lets you upload and share user generated content, such as images and video, which allows you to build rich media content into your apps. Your data is stored in a Google Cloud Storage bucket, an exabyte scale object storage solution with high availability and global redundancy.


A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) private box exchange (PBX) is a business telephone system that provides services similar to a standard PBX, but does so over a company’s LAN or WAN data network rather than through the circuit-switched networks used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


Our team at work

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